House of Bread
Christian Mission, Inc.

Working in Montrouis, Haiti since 1987


The Haitian people having lost family, homes, clothing, food, belongings, in the earthquake January 12, 2010, are asking, "what can we do and who will help us?" As they face the reality of their situation, and their tremendous losses, we as Christians must now reach out to them with The Gospel of Christ and with physical help. Micro Enterprise Loans is one method that can have a long term affect and give them hope in putting their lives back together. With this program we replace despair and give them the opportunity to rebuild their home and have a small business.

In Haiti we have a saying, "you can give a man a fish for his hunger, but if you teach him how to fish, the help will be lasting."

In past years House Of Bread operated a Micro Enterprise Ministry to help the poor. It worked, and we did not experience one loan default. By making small loans, with good business counseling and teaching, the people can enter The Peoples Free Market in many cities and sell their goods and services. With these small loans, they have the opportunity to start other small enterprises to feed their family. Here in our City of Montrouis, we have two such outdoor markets per week. Some larger cities such as St. Marc have such markets every day. When the people pay the loan back, a provision of the contract allows them to borrow the principal amount again immediately for another term.

Please give as much as you can to this endeavor. Any amount will be appreciated. Our Heavenly Father will reward you richly. Pray for us as we hold The Savior up and help The Haitian People put their lives back together. They are seeking answers, let us not fail them. Send your tax deductible donations to

P.O. BOX 733

Love In Christ
Jim and Gayle Durham
Montrouis, Haiti

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